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That plan didn't work...

Last night, I decided to lie down and listen to G. It was supposed to help me narrow down my list for the 10 best. Did it work? HELL NO!!!! It just made it harder to pick XD. But hey, he certainly did relax me <3. I like that On-the-go feature my iPod has. Made it easier to at least just pick G songs without having to constantly mess with going to the different albums and such. Oh well, it may not have worked for my list, but it did work in just making me love him more...and wanting to skin him for making such wonderful music, and in doing so, making it harder to pick songs XD LOL.

Ugh, this weekend is the Apple Blossom festival. And as usual, I'm working. At least it should be quiet at work. Maybe. I hope XD. I would love to at least go to Sunday in the Park, which have crafts and stuff like that, but alas, I'll be working exactly when it's going on >.<...Sunday in the Park is the only thinng I'm interested in tbh XD. I don't care for the rest of it at all. I don't really care for going to the parades, or anything else for that matter. For me, this festival just makes traffic hell in town, and our roads can't really handle the traffic we already have, much less festival traffic.

It can also bring people into town with less than good intentions. At the old house, people would show up at my doorstep at ungodly hours of the night, asking to use the phone, asking for money, asking for me to call the police...The scary thing with the phone one was one guy had come up to the door, but I could see his friends milling around the main sidewalk. Who's to say that if I had let the one guy in, the others wouldn't have busted in and robbed me, or worse. Cuz it seemed to me they were trying to hide that they were there. It also didn't make sense considering there was a 24 hour store across the road that had pay phones. Another time, I heard yelling and the car door slamming and peeling out. A woman insisted I let her in to use my phone and give her money. Um, no...Then she tried the sympathy card because it "is cold out here". That's when I pointed her in the direction of the 24 hour store. And another person asked for money, and came back twice in one week asking. I said I have NO MONEY! The police one was really scary cuz the dog was barking and I thought it was hubby. I open the door and there's some guy on my back porch asking for me to call the police. I closed and locked the door as fast as I could. Of course I called the police. Then I heard fighting on the porch and the guy started pounding on my door, trying to get in, yelling at me to call the cops. I'm glad I locked that door >.<....Nothing like that has happened here. But we are in a residential area, and the old house was on a main road. I'm glad hubby is home this weekend. Most festival weekends, he worked. I still think I'm turning on all outside lights this weekend.



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May. 2nd, 2013 02:27 pm (UTC)
Um, oops? I'm sure you'll be able to narrow it down to ten though. I have faith in you XD

And the festival stuff sounds scary! What are people thinking? You keep that door locked and have a nice, quiet night in.
May. 2nd, 2013 09:50 pm (UTC)
I will do my best! XD

I'm just glad nothing like that has happened at this house. And am glad hubby will be here <3. Sadly I have to work until late this weekend, but at least by then the traffic will be ok XD. Right now, the traffic is terrible >.<...
May. 2nd, 2013 04:28 pm (UTC)
waahhh we have talked about this already but the song one is killing me ;_____;

OMG that festival stuff is super freaky but I'm glad you won't be alone this year in case anybody tries that stuff
May. 2nd, 2013 09:53 pm (UTC)
IKR? >.<...

If I had been alone, I would have locked the screen doors too, and slept with one of hubby's katanas XD
May. 2nd, 2013 09:04 pm (UTC)
it's sooo hard, isn't it? lol i don't know if i'll manage to do it again...

i had this feeling when i was trying to fill the form on the OHP:

 photo tumblr_inline_mlzyxiCtHR1qz4rgp_zps91e502a3.jpg

and now again... orz
May. 2nd, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
O.O...I forgot to do the one for the OHP! *headdesk* Well, I can do it now I guess XD. It might have been a bit embarrassing though, cuz although I love the songs, there are a few that I'm not sure of the name. Mostly cuz I can't read Japanese XD. Doesn't mean I don't love them though *nodsnods*

I'm going to try my hardest to do this! *determined face*

And BOROMIR! *swoons* XD
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