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Yes, another post...

I must be on a roll. This is my 3rd post this week XD. This one is related to the poll that was on G's OHP. I forgot to do it >.<...I'm such a bad fan. Anyways, I'll share what I put for the categories here, since it's too late for the OHP. Some I'm leaving blank, and I'll explain why with each one.

So without further ado, my answer to the poll:


Speed Master - I think it's pretty self explanatory XD. But this song always keeps me awake and alert to my surroundings. How and why? Because I'm constantly having to watch my speed XD LOL

Broken Heart?

I didn't pick a song for this category. Being married makes it where I don't have to. At least I was interpreting it means a broken relationship heart.

New Challenge?

Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume - This song is just quite the pumper upper in this kind of situation. Add in the dance too, and you got yourself a little handy dandy "pep rally" type thing going on XD


Vanilla - Because it's fun to throw a certain something that I have noticed isn't in all versions of this song XD. And my dear Valscard knows what I'm talking about XD LOL

New Love?

Another one in which I didn't pick a song. I'm married, nuf said XD

To sleep to?

Rain - I just find myself sinking deeper and deeper into the covers when I listen to it. It doesn't bore me, it just relaxes me.

Feeling sad?

Last Song - I love this song, but also find this song useful when I just need a good cry, and can't seem to any other way. Just, don't do it around others, or they stop you and ask you a million questions. Geez! Can't you see I just need to cry?!? >.<...Sorry about that rant XD LOL


Ghost - One that really just gets my blood pumping and just want to get up and dance.


U+K - It's just such a fun song for me and it makes me smile. Picturing the dancing kitties with it, and it's even more fun XD.

With Family?

Flower - While hubby won't listen to G with me, this is one I enjoy listening to with my sister. Every time I hear this song, I think of her and the goosebumps she got when she heard him singing it live w/YFC.


Fragrance - Slow, but not too slow. And if you're tired, you can act as the mike stand XD LOL

Bad situation?

Until the Last Day - I just imagine coming out of the corner fighting with this song. It helps <3

Feeling lonely?

Returner - I tend to hug myself and cry during this song <3

Difficult to sing?

All of them...ROFLMAO! Hey, I can't speak Japanese! What were you expecting me to say XD LOL

With a lover?

Another one I can't answer, cuz I've never listened to any with the hubby. No wait! I take that back! He kinda liked Setsugekka! XD

Ok, so has this helped me with coming up with my Top 10? Absolutely not! XD, but I'll keep on a-going and get my answers out there soon <3. It will have some similar and some different of course. These are the ones I felt best went with these categories for me. While some are based on feelings I get when listening or impressions alone (I actually tend not to look up the lyrics), some are of course based on other outside influences, and all are just as important as what will be on my Top 10. Even songs that don't make it to my top 10 are no less important. And the order, oh dear...That's why it's so hard to do. I found this easier tbh XD LOL. But hey, I should just put on Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume to get through this "new challenge" XD <3.