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The world is a scary place >.<...

I've had a rather interesting night.

I had shut down the computer, and was getting drowsy and getting ready to go to bed when I heard this horrible noise outside. Since it's so late, I grabbed my phone as I ran to look out my front window. What did I see? Someone in a blue sporty (think Fast and Furious) car had just ran into the back of my neighbor's across the street's car. That's all I witnessed. The noise I heard before was the same car ramming into the back of another car and pushing it a full car length into the neighbor's driveway. They had backed up, and then rammed into the other one. The front of their car was all screwed up, then they took off down the street, leaving a nice little wet trail for the police to follow. I'm the one that called 911. The officers followed it, but they found the car ditched, in a ditch.

I'm sorta nervous because I'm the only one here tonight, and am afraid of whoever the driver was coming back this way on foot. But, hubby, and the neighbors have said that he/she is probably long gone by now.

I'm sorta wondering if it was personal. Just a couple of weeks ago, someone had broken into their house and stole about $3,000 worth of jewelry. And I just find it strange that their cars, on a whole street of other parked-on-the-street cars, that the ones belonging to their house were the only ones hit. They're not bad neighbors, and we've never had any problems with them, so I'm hoping it's not something personal, and just a string of bad luck happening.


And I had a rather crappy night at work on Saturday night thanks to a jerk telling me that I needed to go through my training again cuz I didn't know what I was doing. Well, gee asshole. I can usually ring faster than most of the cashiers, and I'm a floor associate, which is actually pretty sad when you think about it. I think he didn't like it that I didn't tell someone with more than 20 items they couldn't come through the line. That's the ONLY thing I can think of. Because I hardly ever had to call the manager for anything, and I know I didn't when he was in my line. Yes, I stretched a tiny bit, and I swore I heard him say to me "get over it". So I have no idea what he was imagining I was doing. And I hate to tell him, the "training" he thinks I should go through again tells me that I CANNOT turn people away from my line, no matter how much they have. So, therefore, he's an asshole and should shut the fuck up. Sorry, he pissed me off and I wanted to beat him about the head and shoulders >.<...I hate people some days. Retail is a soul-sucking experience. I don't have a thick skin either, and probably never will have one. After all this time, it's not gonna happen, it's just not who I am.

Speaking of which...and you'll see what I mean when I'm done XD, I recently asked my assistant manager, (she's new, and she's awesome) if it was possible to get full-time hours. She started talking to me about a department manager position. I'm flattered, considering that she said that she believes I could do the job. The thing is, I've been there for 16 years, and have had no desire to be one. One of the reasons, like I said, too thin-skinned. I'd be getting the complaints once people weren't satisfied with an associate's answer. And, it's over 3 departments, one of which has high-priced items (jewelry). Yes, I've worked in jewelry before when we didn't have anyone, but the responsibility would fall on me if audits and such weren't done right and whatnot. Alot more ways to lose your job if something were to go wrong. Also, my department manager over me with Infants/Girls said that even she wouldn't take it because it's just too much for one person to handle. I'll admit, I would consider it if Jewelry wasn't in the mix. It's not that I couldn't do the job, I know I could. The mental/emotional aspect is something I can't deal with. And no, I feel no need to challenge myself XD. Although, I feel much happier with our new manager. I figured out why I was having so many burned out/melt down moments recently with work. It was our old manager that was always on us like flies on shit. She'd ask you to do something, then 5 minutes later ask you why it wasn't done yet. Constantly on you, nagging, getting mad when stuff wasn't done in the time frame she thought it should be done in. When she tried to prove it could be done in that time frame, she'd actually do it wrong herself. Apparently, higher management was coming down on her, so she was coming down on us. She couldn't handle it. Now, I feel like I get far more done and feel far more accomplished now that we have our new manager over us.

I keep thinking there was more I was going to say, but I'm feeling sleepy again, so I guess I should just go on to bed XD.


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May. 27th, 2014 04:30 am (UTC)
- looks like its personal but who knows. and besides just cuz ur neighbors seem nice you never know what they are thinking and saying (in their head) or behind closed doors.

- I think you should have told him off

- if not dept manager how about assistant manager #2. :/
- so did ur previous assistant manger get fired or quit cuz of the pressure / complaint by employees or something?
May. 27th, 2014 09:53 am (UTC)
I just mean that they haven't caused any issues with us or anything. And just because I don't know them behind closed doors doesn't mean I should just assume the worst about them either. They don't know me or what I'm like either, so technically them and I are on even ground.

Yeah, and I would probably have lost my job too. They are getting too sensitive with that crap anymore it seems >.<..

#2? There are already several assistant managers in our store. Besides, that would be far worse than department manager any day. I'm not management material, and have no desire to ever be a manager. Blech! They can have it! XD LOL

No. It's just every so often, they have the assistant managers rotate around to covering different areas. It's a normal thing. Now, she's on overnights. We had her over apparel for longer than we should have. She was fine at first, then it started going downhill with her just recently. Overnights can keep her XD
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