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My randoms post...yes randoms I say! XD

I saw an SUV in the parking lot at work. It had a sticker with scrolly pink letters that said, "I drive like a Cullen"...My first thought? "Oh, so that means you drive like an idiot. Good to know..." XD

Another rant about watches...for the love of everything, clean off the bio crap on the back of your watch before you hand it to someone else to change a battery! I seriously hate having to not only touch a watch like that, I also hate having to chisel it off before I can even get the back off it! *gags*

And, since I'm on work now, why was I called for a question that only a manager can take care of? A woman was complaining about the lack of leggings and wanted to know why it was empty and if I could order more. I told her that I'm just a lowly associate, couldn't believe fitting room called me for that crap, and told fitting room that it was a question/complaint/request that only a zone, department, or assistant manager could answer...*rams head into wall*

It snowed Wednesday, heavy too. Mr. I was disappointed the next morning when the roads were nice and clear and he had to go to school XD.

Nemuri decided he wanted to fall out of his poster frame this morning. He's still crooked in the frame XD

I had a good V-Day...Even bought myself a little Daryl vinyl figure. He's so cute!!!

A joke for you a manager told me: "A guy was standing outside of a small country store. He saw a guy ride up on horseback, tie it to a hitching post, go around to the horse's rear where he proceeded to lift up the horse's tail and kiss it right on it's butthole. The first guy was like, "did I just see that?!?" So he asked the other guy, "Excuse me sir, but did I just see you kiss your horse's butthole?" The one on horseback said, "Yes, you did." He then asked, "Why did you do that?" To which "Because I have chapped lips" was the reply. Confused, he then asked, "What does that do for them?" To which the horse rider said, "It keeps me from licking my lips" XD

And I had a G dream. It was footage like from I Love You All DVD, and it was G backstage getting ready for the live. Only difference? He had his pants and thongs pulled down to his ankles. And apparently Magnum is magical, cuz it went for really large, to very small, back to large, and from hairy, to silky smooth, to stubbly. So now we know the secret of his secret child in Canada, and how it can change gender and age XD LOL.

Abandoned places

This came out of a Twitter convo with myself and leggyron.  We were talking about the appeal and charm of abandoned places.  I adore ghost towns and abandoned houses.  Whenever I get back down to Alabama, I'm going to have to explore my grandfather's land and take all sorts of pics of an old family house that has been long abandoned.

Also, I've been listening to a particular creepypasta called Abandoned By Disney.  As some of you know, I'm a big Disney fan, so I started looking up anything that was actually abandoned by Disney.  Well, there is an island in the Bahamas called Treasure Island.  Apparently, the area around the island was too shallow, even with dredging, to dock their ships.  Here's a, rather funny, blog from someone that actually visited it after the abandonment, complete with pictures!  http://www.i-mockery.com/minimocks/disney-blunder/

And in the Disney Resort in Florida, there are two places abandoned.  One is River Country, an old water park that was connected to their Wilderness Campground and Resort, which was closed after the two bigger water parks were opened.  And another was called Discovery Island, a zoological park that closed after Animal Kingdom opened.  I have never been to River Country, but I have been on Discovery Island years before it closed.  I had always heard they had kept it open as another place to treat the animals and such, but apparently that wasn't the case.  And these next links are blogs, complete with pics of both places after their abandonment.  I would love to go explore both, but I don't think I could ever get permission.  Although one blogger snuck on Discovery Island for his pics.


Just click around the site for other pics.

And Discovery Island


And besides our chat, here's the creepypasta vid that started it...

And the story if you'd rather read it...


And, check out Centralia, PA.  And abandoned town thanks to the coal mine fire that still burns underneath it today!

Our Christmas Adventure

I think I said it before, but in case anyone missed it....Merry Christmas! (late here XD)

Anyways, we had a bit of an adventure for Christmas.

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"Life is deep" -G

"She then massaged my shoulders for a while without saying anything.  "They're stiff, aren't they?", I asked.  "They're rock-solid", she replied.  We didn't talk all that much, but this eased my heart a whole lot.  Just a little thing like this lifts up my heart so much.  I guess parents seek moments like this with their children.  Without meaning to, I remembered my parent's rock-solid shoulders from when I massaged them a long time ago.  I felt appreciation for my parents, and at the same time, I realized once again that it's not how good a massage is, but the thought/care behind it that saves you.  Life is deep." -GACKT LINE message 7/2/2012, translated by excused_early

I had one of these wonderful moments tonight that I just had to share it.  I had gone upstairs to rest because I'm not feeling the best in the world.  I asked Ian if I could have a piece of candy, so he brought me his goodies bag.  He also went downstairs and got me something to drink too.  He asked if I wanted to watch a movie, and of course I said yes!  He said, "well, it's not Halloween anymore, so let's watch a comedy...I know!  Let's watch E.T.!"  So he put it in, and we of course watched it. 

Now, you have to understand something.  My son has asperger's syndrome, if you didn't already know, and he isn't known for sitting through an entire movie XD.  But he stayed in that room with me and watched the entire thing!  He talked a bit during it, but not like his usual "questionsquestionsquestions" which is another part of his syndrome (it's in the autism spectrum).  It had also been awhile since I've seen this movie too.  We were both crying at the end, and crawls up the bed and cuddles with me while we both cry and are happy for ET <3.  He gave me kisses and we talked about how happy we were for ET to go home to his mommy and daddy.

After we were done, it just hit me that this was one of those moments.  I've had them before of course, but I've never seen him sit through a movie, much less with me, and it just made me so happy that he wanted to sit there and watch it with me <3.  This evening was wonderful, and I'm so glad one of my moments came around again <3


A DEARS panic time!!!!

I was rearranging my little G corner last night to try to make more room...didn't work XD, when I realized that a majority of my DEARS mags are MISSING!!!!  I thought they were there, and can't think of where I might have misplaced them :(.  So, I'm in slight panic mode, and I have to go to work, so I can't look for them.  Meh >.<....  Wow, I SO have my priorities straight...LOL


Halloween is coming up!

And as at least some of you know, I enjoy a good scary story, and making a post where we can share them.  Well, lately on YT I've been watching narrations of CreepyPasta stories.  One narrator in particular I enjoy, so I'll share one of his vids here.  Of course, you all are welcome to share any stories, or links to stories or vids that you want!  As scared as I am, I'll also enjoy them XD LOL

Btw, I'm not sure why they're call creepypastas, they just are.  I haven't looked up the actual stories yet XD LOL


Not only is this guy a cutie, and I love his accent, his videos make me roll just about every time I watch them...this one was especially funny XD


A ranty and a funny XD LOL

Here is said ranty XD

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And now for the funny XD

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I suck as a friend lately!  There are people I desperately need to talk to, but haven't; people I need to mail things to, but haven't; Journals I need to comment on, but haven't.

Sorry everyone that I'm sucking lately as a friend >.<....I've been sucking for awhile now, and it's gotten worse >.<....meh...Yes, I'm whining about myself, leave me be XD.

And this is a terrible apology too, I know...orz

My OBX vaycay!

Sorry this took so long to type up.  And sorry for no pictures yet.  I gotta read the manual for my new camera to see if there is anything special I need to do to upload them onto my computer XD.

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